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First National Bank of Eastern Arkansas' Internet Banking Solution!

NetTeller is First National Bank of Eastern Arkansas' internet banking service that empowers our qualified customers to use the internet as their own personal teller. With this service, many traditional banking needs can be addressed day or night, 7 days a week, whether from home, office, or even while on vacation. All that's required is that you be a customer in good standing, you register for the NetTeller service, and you have access to the internet.

The basic NetTeller service will provide each customer with these features:

  • Secure access to information on any of their registered accounts, including checking, savings, loans, and time deposits.

  • The ability to view and print account balances and transaction histories.

  • The ability to view and print images of transaction items.

  • The ability to transfer funds among registered accounts.

  • The ability to issue Stop Payment requests.

  • The ability to download account information in a number of popular formats, including text, Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Money, and Quicken.

The NetTeller service with Bill Payment provides all the features listed above, while adding the ability to pay bills electronically. Each customer can:

  • Establish a personal list of bill payee's.

  • Pay bills on demand (i.e. single payments, when the customer chooses).

  • Establish a payment schedule for bill payee's, such as weekly, monthly, etc.

The NetTeller service with Cash Management is available to our Commercial customers. It provides all the features above, while adding the ability to originate Wire Transfers and ACH transactions.

To learn more about our NetTeller service, please feel free to visit Carole Abbott at our Main Branch Bank in Forrest City, or telephone her at (870) 633-3112. Click here for our business address and hours of operation.